Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy New Year!

We are heading for The New Year´s eve now quickly although this post will include somewhat more than a traditional post about The New Year.


Whatever kind of blog you are running you have get used to certain expressions in the blogosphere.You have get used to the pros and cons of blogging too so be prepared to improve your blogging in 2013.If you, like me, are running a business blog you truly have heard the expression Financial Freedom.

Now, this expression has several aspects and let´s take a look at some of them and add some other expressions.

Individual Financial Freedom

What do you include yourself in this expression.If you are worried on a daily basis concerning your economy you aren´t at all financial free.Then you need to sit down with your family or by yourself to count through your economy.What could you do to take the necessary steps towards financial freedom? What kind of advises do you need to achieve it? Much of the motivation in affiliate marketing has the motivation, getting free from debths, achieving financial freedom.In my opinion you should add investments in funds and stocks upon that kind of marketing as well.It´s a pain for people to worry about their economy all the time and every step that is possible to reach the freedomland beyond that is very much appreciated, I am sure of that.

Several years ago I was in such a situation and I wondered how to improve my situation from there.I had to live from paycheck to paycheck worrying about my financial situation all the time.When I started out my online adventures I wondered how I had to do to learn all this.How to get a grip on these articles about financial freedom and understand it all.Now, several years later I don´t need to worry about it longer even if we don´t talk about easily bringing in the millions every year.You know that isn´t the kind of situation most people have.If you have built up a stable personal economy, you should be glad.

My vision is to make this a possibility for average Joe.

National Financial Freedom

It isn´t hard to see that the nations financial situation and many nations struggling with their issues in this area effects us all.With this said you can yet improve your own situation by learning more about principals of financial freedom.Nations trying to help other nations will eventually get it back positively, that is at least, my conviction.Now, we can´t pust this too far cause every nation in troubles have to get their financies in order, that´s for sure.

Emotional Freedom

Now, let´s turn the expression to the emotional level and see what we can achieve by this.If you are constantly worried, you can´t do very much to improve your situation with anxiety.It is human to feel that way but you won´t achieve especially much with it.

Faith, love, selfconfidence and knowledge will show you the way instead.

Freedom to Speech

Internet was born to protect the freedom to speech.It´s like the very foundation of democracy but yet so attacked by different extremist groups around the globe.Systems of dictatorship will always be a constant threat to decrease the freedom to speech.

We as humans need some space for that, we need some space for emotional freedom and we need our plans to achieve financial freedom.Not to get into politics here but when The Berlin Wall fell,  which departed the western world from the communist world in that time we know how celebrated it was.What kind of "walls" do we have as humans causing problems on the communication level?

There are a lot of questions to be answered here and you could contribute yourself.

Leave the old problems to 2012 and discover the new possibilities in 2013!

Happy New Year!

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