Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Stand Out!

What are we online marketers more than marketers?

I, myself have got a healthy portfolio in the fundmarket.

My question for the post today has another point of view and another aim though.
What do we need more than advertising online? E-courses with useful education with different topics.

My main idea today is to split a very large program if there are too many members to deliver the service and especially withdrawals to.

How could JustBeenPaid continue for so long? They invented The Tripler in the right time and everything could continue.However, if they have had the big number of members, more than they could handle, they never had manage the success they did.

How can many members be a problem then?

Very simple answer, it can be a trap in itself.Another aspect is of course that new money must flow into the actual program all the time, not only repurchases all the time.We do seldom see these kind of solutions, the admins disappears instead.So, if the problem is too many members in a given program, why not divide them in new sister programs instead? I am brainstorming here with you readers, and if you are an affiliate, you are interested in the continuation of a strong former success as Just Been Paid.

The Pattern use to be that every succesful opportunity has to have an unique design cause copy cats never work.

Are you standing out?


If you put a value in your blog articles you will want to advertise it where you can earn your share of money on the net at the same time.Make it simple, don´t complicate things!

Believe in your blog, believe in what you are doing, believe in your self!

You are the blogger, you can do this and you have to believe in the system and strategy you are working out.

Learn from others but don´t make a copy cat of your leader.Listen to his voice, take the tips with you but be aware of the person you are.You need to stand out with your unique blog!

You need to stand out in the sea of many, many bloggers!


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