Monday, December 3, 2012


A new program will launch today.


SupersizeMyProfits is an advertising program where you can earn 3% daily on your purchased ad packages for 60 days.

Now, there are several ways to advertise in this program.

There are text ads, banner ads and soloads....

I really like the soloads as they go out to other members in the program to their mailboxes.Allowed messages, of course.You have to read their TOS and FAQ as you have to do with every program you join. 

As there always is a benefit to get in early you should do that.You don´t need to recruit to earn in this program but anyway, there are benefits connected with promoting a program with targeted marketing.


Now, have you ever seen the real power and potential of advertising on the internet? 
Are you advertising your blog?

Why the paradigm shift shouldn´t copy and paste the ideas from the former bigger invention all the time! Advertising online isn´t just a copywork of how it works offline, it is designed for the new breakthrough technology,


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