Saturday, December 1, 2012

Timing and Growth

I have to be honest.

We have seen a lot of updates on ProfitClicking and I have wondered if I should continue to recommend it or not at the current situation.I checked my account as they have talked about a new withdrawal system containing a 48 hours wait before getting it out to the processor.What I saw when checking the possibilities were a longer estimated time of wait of 30-45 days right now and talks about a bucket where you have to chose another processor when one is full.

It will be a very tough task, if possible at all, to get this in order without too much of disappointment amongst members.

I have learnt from the passed when we see these kind of signals that there likely will be very hard to run a program in a situation like this.They also have to receive constructive criticism to evolve such a program to make it better, that is necessary.However, what I also have learnt is that when this occur there are always another opportunity arising, or one that has recently launched, which has that extra to be a real long runner.

As I have mentioned, learn from the experienced marketers who know what works and not.That is an important experience to take with you to decide what to join and not.You have to evolve a visual eye for analyzis.

What I have seen in this business is that the new opportunity has to evolve at least something in comparison to the former.

That leads to the topic of the day.Is growth of an opportunity always something positive? Not necessary.If a company doesn´t have enough people in the staff to deliver what they promise, they have to set a "roof" for the incoming numbers of members coming in, they have to go private.Well, some may say that that could cause negativity around the opportunity.

Or what?

It could also lead to a more responsible thinking causing good effects, people starts to talk about a responsible staff who want to set a limit for the growth where they always can deliver what their FAQ states.Though, we as members can´t be impatient either, we have to allow a waiting mode where we let them adjust the withdrawal system, for example.

So, where do we set the borderline for recommending an opportunity or not?

This isn´t done so easily and you can´t just take for granted that an experienced marketer deliver 100% tips all the time.Take the useful tips with you and work out what works for you in a personal manner.It won´t ever get too easy, you have to read articles on online marketing, you have to get your daily updates.You have to get your true education on this from blogs and other resources.


Growth is of course good and necessary for an opportunity but not in a speed where they can´t deliver the service they have to be able to deliver.And if necessary, they have to at some time, go private.They could start up as a private and not public company and chose to go public later, that is a question of timing.

Knowledge, experience and timing will always make the difference.

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