Saturday, January 12, 2013

Connection between the internet and mobile phones

We have seen it, you have seen it and I....


The connection between mobile phones, smartphones and the internet may result in the next BIG opportunity online.

Some may think, I have already seen that!

Well, with all that components that are necessary to make it THE BIG opportunity?

Was the experienced founder there? Did they have DDOS-protection for the site? Was the payplan good enough? Did they have experience when it comes to being long term enough?


No opportunity can have all the perfect components but having so many working components in place and order as possible will, of course, make it more truly for the next success coming alive and launched online.

Why am I blogging about this?

Of a simple reason.As I am constantly working as an affiliate marketer I want to blog about the next steps evolving this industry.I want to see more opportunities lasting longer.Even if I am not a founder of that opportunity I have seen enough to be a developer of the niches I am involved in containing affiliate marketing, investments in stocks and funds.As there are so many connections between internet and mobile phones today there should be a big market not only for evolving of apps but also for the affiliate marketing area.

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