Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Forex Trading-PipMega

I signed up for an investment opportunity today connected to Forex Trading

Remember, there are always some investments which will be more long term than others and this could well be such one as it has a reputable admin.

Its run by the reputable FastCashMega admin. FastCashMega has been running for a year now and it has been one of the biggest programs of 2012.

When you do your research on an investment and find that the possibility increases for it to be long term, I will give it a chance.I am not usually signing up for HYIP:s but founded by a reputable admin, the conditions are different and not that risky.

So, there are 4 investment plans:

MEGA FOREX STARTER    1.50% daily    10.00 dollars min.    499.99 max, for   160 days.

MEGA FOREX ADVANCED    1.65%    500.00 dollars min.    1999.99 max for   165 days.

MEGA FOREX PRO    1.80%    2000.00 dollars min.    4999.99 max for    170 days.

MEGA FOREX ELITE    2.00%   5000.00 dollars min.   500000.00 max for   175 days

As you may know, forex trading is a trading strategy based on comparison of different currencies and if they buy low and sell high, they will make a profit on the marigin.

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