Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Legal Or Not

From what I have seen necessary changes must come when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Therefore I added investments in funds a couple of years ago and now I have added investments in stocks.If you want to keep your affiliate marketing in 2013 make sure you are not only marketing a quality, long term opportunity but also a legal opportunity or else you could risk it being considered as a ponzi-scheme.

More than ever I saw in 2012 that selective payments became a "system" from many admins and often the victims become the most honest of internet marketers.

We saw necessary changes of rules from Payza and afterwards we honest marketers can see that they made the right decision.They don´t want to be "dirty" as the situation is when you are facing a fraud where the admin wants to fool even more members.Especially they withdrew from every HYIP:s where the typical scamartists exist.

How do you know if the opportunity or investment is legal then?

 photo Legal_zps8be532db.jpg

1.They must have a clear product or service in the program.
2.If it´s an investment, make sure they are really investing in the areas they are claiming.Payza talked about a certain proof to make sure an investment program really is investing in that area and in fact, it isn´t a bad idea.
3.Check out on forums if they are paying equal and not are doing selective payments.
4.If they are promising a too high ROI(Return On Investment), on a daily basis, it´s a ponzi!
5.Are you able to contact them?

I could mention more on this list but these are the absolutely necessary requirements.

On the positive side for the future I believe in coming opportunities and investments where you can consider the investment being a club, it could be a stock club it could be another type of club.If you have a legal idea of an opportunity it doesn´t feel or is anything wrong with it.If you have a list to figure out if the program has a green light or a red flag that should be enough.Then it is up to you to do a real research making sure the real potential is there for the sake of longevity.

Do you want more stable and long term opportunities and investments for 2013? Then it is up to you to strive for that and be the marketer example towards that direction giving necessary advises to listening admins as well.


Good News!

I made 522 dollars on my stocks and now my other stocks in different companies in Sweden including stocks in a mining company are rising as well.   

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