Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Browser Reviews

It seems like blogger has some problems with the script or something cause I have unallowed hyperlinks not made by me which have accidenticaly been imbedded.I will delete them and I will come back later.....

I am back....

This hadn´t anything to do with the blogger platform which use to work very smooth.

The solution this time was to use another browser instead.Don´t use Firefox so much longer cause that browser has become weaker and weaker.It is like you never know what can pop up with that browser.Almost anything can pop up with it nowadays.There was a time when FF was smooth to use but as mentioned nowadays it has become weaker and more unsecure than ever and it could fool you in an unpleasant way today that could surprise any experienced internet user.FF has definitely many severe security leaks these days.

I am experienced so I know what I talk about.I have gone back to Internet Explorer as priority 1 amongst web browsers.Besides I will also use Opera.

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