Monday, February 4, 2013

Define It!

Your own attitude will decide everything for you.

When you studied through your time in the days of school it was your attitude which decided if you were fulfilling the courses or not.

Maybe some coincidence occured which made you think in another way.

What will decide if you are going to learn what you need to learn in the school, university or course online?

Your own attitude and your motivation.

 photo define_zpsf2dea099.png If you are motivated to learn you will learn.A simple fact! If the kids in school are unmotivated, if they have been up all night long, playing computer games, they haven´t any energy left to learn what they need to in the school.

Do you show your love and compassion for others who might be interested in your online business?

All motivation comes from inside but you need to show a real working system at the same time when you are marketing.What kind of factors could be an obstacle for you to get forward with your business? Could it be fear, could it be lack of motivation? Could it be any other form of obstacle or resistance within your soul?

Define what you need to learn and define the resistance as well.


Margaret Bennett said...

I agree motivation comes from within.

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Margaret!

That´s the Way!