Sunday, February 17, 2013

Don´t be a slave

You have to move on and learn new skills in your marketing, don´t compare yourself with the richiest in this world all the time!

When I began my online ventures several years ago I found what worked and I still am.We have to evolve what we do online all the time and leave the "slavejob".I know that there are traffic exchanges that are more efficient than others out on the net but honestly, I don´t have time to use each and everyone I joined some years ago.

Should I surf for pennies there or be able to earn my share in advertising programs where I can get a fair return on my investments?

As an internet marketer and a blogger I have to give my reviews on different programs whether they are advertising networks, investments or other opportunities.With all the respect, if you are looking into the blogosphere you can notice that some internet leaders who have been in the internet business for years have hard to put together a single article on a blog.I wouldn´t say they are lazy but to give back more of value to those who constantly upgrades within their networks they should be able to make some blogposts a week.

Don´t follow lazy examples!

If someone has done something of value for you, give back something of value back to him/her.
If you are concerned by someone, then you should be catious cause that could be a warning signal from your inner person!

With that said I have evolved what I do in my marketing but I always stick to networks where they give enough back on my efforts whether it is business opportunities, traffic exchanges or other opportunities.I always consider the attitude they have towards their members.Are they pushing too hard or are they more encouraging you to work more for them, marketing their sites or networks more?

 photo Loyalty_zpse201d991.jpg Work with passion, don´t be a slave!

As you can see I have picked up some news on my list of recommended opportunities there and I encourage you to check them out.I will return with reports on how it goes as it takes some time to build up ad packages and earnings in them.It is very important that you are using methods that really produces the results you are aiming for.Be aware of the world we are living in, don´t trust anyone but stick to those who you can trust in!

If it´s something we have to see more of in 2013 it is loyalty in programs not to jump from opportunity to opportunity all the time in blindness and lose control.

Take control of your advertising and market 4-5 of the best business opportunities out there knowing that you have to be loyal in the best of them to build up a significant income online.

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