Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mann Is Back!

If you were participating in Just Been Paid you know that the owner was Frederick Mann
and now he is launching Click Paid.

 photo Global_impact_zpsf7bf12b5.jpg

I have written many posts about that success and made good profits there myself.When an admin like that is launching a new program you know that it is likely to be an interesting program and a long term one.

You only need to surf three sites a day and that´s it! Similar to The Tripler you will earn 2% on 10 dollars position on weekdays and 0,10 cent during the weekends.It will launch on Wednesday so be sure to sign up now to be able to participate for Phase One!

There are professionals from other big companies involved and the growth has started....

Stay tuned for more info, this could be the real replacement for the former success, Just Been Paid.

Global Impact in a few days.

It´s as easy as Click, View...Be Paid.

Welcome to Click Paid!


Info from the conference call tell us that Click Paid will have the best features from Just Been Paid combined with a downline builder where you will have some specific benefits if you have recruited more members than others.If you have already registered, stay tuned for more info on the program! You will soon be able to purchase click packages, view sites and get paid.

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