Friday, February 22, 2013

Psychology For Fun

Heading for the weekend and this post just for fun!

Psychology Lesson

Don´t walk over the street if you see a black cat, it could end with a catfight for the woman.

If you watch TV after midnight, you could end up waking up in an elevator after a dramatical walking in the sleep.

Do you have to do many things three times in a row?

Well, there is freedom for us all.

Consider yourself as God´s favorite, He´s touching you with His love.Your need are not only psychological but also spiritual.

Could you find your way in the rhyme and reason?

 photo psychology_zps64f69097.jpg

Watch your back but leave the past for the possibilities in the future!

We are here to win!

Don´t forget that all great men have gone through many failures before they finally won.

Dig into the deep.

Do have the broad perspective and enjoy the fun on earth!

Happy Weekend!

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