Saturday, March 9, 2013

From the Valley to the Height

If the former update was focusing around repeating this will be focusing on having variation in the content, hehe.

Maybe you have found your strategy in your online business or whatever you are blogging about.I am sure you have also discovered the need of variation in your writings.

If you are eating the same meal every day, how will your stomach look then? How will you feel? It isn´t sound and it´s not common sense either.Therefore I am  occassionally blogging about something else than my business  even if this blog is focusing on my online business, of course.Don´t complicate things.If you want to help others, make your blog informative and fun so it is attractive for your readers

If you want to stand out enough, avoid annoying repetition!

To stick to a working system and repeat a process is one thing but to avoid too much repetition in your blog content is important.Always try to look for that inspiring angle, find the various ways in your writings.

Do you want to stand out? Listen to this Out Standing Song:)

Find your style in your blog, both when it comes in the layout of it, in your content and in your concept overall.Sure, you want to learn from experienced bloggers but in the end you will have to mark your blog with your own brand in it with the products, services your are marketing or are selling direct.

The Autumn-2012 was a heavy period for me but now, on the other side I am on my way into something stronger.From the valley up to the height again.It goes up and down.However, the curve overall has to go up when you are summarizing what you are doing.

If your readers can notice variation in your constructive writings they will stay as curious readers, they will stay and look for more.

You are feeding them to the next blogpost to maintain the curiosity.

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