Saturday, March 23, 2013

Learn from your mistakes

To learn from former mistakes is a big part of the internet marketing you are doing.

One temptation you need to avoid is trying to take several steps in a row where you should take one step at the time.I got a newsletter from MegaMoneyHybrid with a warning towards greedy members.There are always members who want to earn the fast money, they are always there.They think that everything will happen overnight but it won´t.Consider this phase as the newbie phase you have to overcome to think more long term instead.The admin of that program is a reputable one.

Not so easy always but you have to achieve this perspective to be more successful.

Analyze your history of internet marketing and track your results.

What has worked and not? A good, useful metaphor is the farmers planting of seeds where he won´t see the harvest of it until time.He likes the work he is doing, he doesn´t only have the money in mind but he is also passionate about the work itself.Eventually the time is there where he is bringing in his harvest of the hard work and he was pretty smart doing it.

What do you think?

 Patience, working strategies and loyalty to long term programs pays off! You could even write a list of your former mistakes to delete them one by one by replacing them with good, working and efficient strategies instead.

no mistake photo: MISTAKE MISTAKE.jpg Don´t make the mistake as a blogger only to count the comments coming in.We all want comments, for sure but if you are delivering good quality content in your articles you will have your circle of readers, they will gather around you as the hungry crowd in a restaurant, waiting for the mighty meal.

The blog is for the affiliate marketer the tunnel to the light.

Your potential referrals/costumers will read your article and may head for signing up for the opportunities you are marketing.And even if you have found your niche you should be broad in your writings to have ability to expand your voice to users/bloggers outside your world of marketing to potentially have them as paying members in the programs you are promoting.

By then you will have to train them and inform them about how the programs are working.

Last but not least, take your business to the next level and have fun doing it!

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