Saturday, April 27, 2013

Define audience, the keywords

We have a new assisting admin in Get Your Blog Followers.

She is Joan Harrington and she sure is a talented blogger.You can visit her blog here:

Work with Joan Harrington.

Read more about her on her About Me-Page!

As I can see, education is the new wave in the internet business.Several of the internet tops in Silicon Valley do have this vision and in fact, for the affiliate marketers new possibilities arise with this.

If you are a member of Profit Clicking I am sure you have read the course Upgrade Your Brain.If not, you should.It is there for education purpose and you need to read an e-course from time to time to improve as an  internet marketer and to be a better person overall.I believe we will see the internet business evolve in this direction to include different e-books and courses for the sake of education.The deal would be to get some of it for free where you need to upgrade to get access to the rest of it.That could be combined with an advertising service and possibly even more digital products.

How is Google thinking about education?

keywords photo: Keywords keywords.jpg
They seems to focus on the content of a blog or website.The better content with the crucial keywords the better possibilites to climb on the search engines.If I type in my company name on Google, Creative Marketer I get over 1 million hit results there and my blog is there on the second place on the first page.
Content building is of great importance for you and you have to value it to become even more visible online and to get the needed traffic to your site or blog.

You know that you aren´t a world famous name from the beginning so you need to work on your marketing online all the time and constantly get the valued traffic to your blog/site.

Is entertainment the whole point of blogging? No, that combined with the necessary education is a gold combination and the silver point is the content of your blog.Find the proper keywords for your site/blog.


Joan Harrington said...

Awesome blog post, Mattias!! Keywords are very important! Also appreciate the shout out as well my friend!! Appreciate it!!

Thank you,

Mattias Kroon said...

That is my nature sometimes as I am flexible enough to have the voice of a lamb too.I appreciate your valued blog as well.