Wednesday, April 3, 2013


What makes a poem great? Its content.

What makes you feel good?

The weather? Your girlfriend? Your vision for the future?

We all have our preferences and we know what get us going.Do you need a movie to catch up your inspiration for the new blogpost? Do you need a good book? Feel free to get your imagination for the new blogpost and don´t let the dry motions take over.

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Content is King!

You have heard the expression but do you believe it? Do you cover your blogposts with all kind of images without the content, without the exciting articles you want to publish? Study the experienced article marketers and you will soon understand that they are using their content to reach their referrals, customers with their articles.Article marketing is often based on a business blog where you can reach both your regular readers and also new prospects.

When your poem gets the fresh content with the proper metaphors and stanzas you will feel great in the end when you want to publish it.

However, there comes the great challenge.Will it stand out? Will it hold? When you are tracking your results you will be able to examine what has worked and not.Don´t force yourself to make a blogpost every day but
blog when you are hungry.Of course, not only once a month, at least once a week, preferably 2 times a week depending on your mood.

Sure, you could let out your hard feelings every time but you won´t get as many readers then.On the other side you need a honest approach to your blogging so don´t be the pretender but the seeker of quality.

Was the movie too predictable, was it full of surprises? Make your blogging unique and deliver a surprise here and a surprise there and it will never be boring...

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