Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Profitable Advises

What will be required to see an evolvement to more long term programs in the internet business?

You may say that this list I will make is only a list of wishes but you should consider that I am an experienced
internet marketer and even if I am not earning millions (how many are earning that kind of money?) I earn decent money on a regular basis.

What kind of evolvement am I talking about?

Unfortunately the most programs crashes after only a short while in this business while the best programs become the most profitable, of course.The list below isn´t only a list of wishes, it will be a must for business opportunities who want to stay in business for years.

investor photo: happy investor happy_investor.jpg What will they require?

1.The Founder should absolutely be an experienced founder who knows to plan the opportunity to make it as sustainable as possible.
2.It shouldn´t only contain an advertising service with a possibility to both earn on referral commissions and on advertising packages.It should also contain downloadable, trendy digital products where you get access to some of them as a free member but where you have to upgrade to get full access to all of them.
3.There must be a team formed who can give and share advises with the admin to evolve the program all the time.
4.The program should include an investor who knows to invest in outside investments, such as metals or forex trading.In other words, a hybrid amongst programs.
5.Most networkers don´t like a monthly fee, they want a one kind of life time fee in the program.They know that if the quality exists in the concept and business idea of the opportunity, it draws enough attraction and interest to it.

Learn from the best and have the proper attitude!

It will grow as a result of the positive buzz about it.....

This may not be a complete list of all the features required in a real, complete and long term opportunity but it should require enough of quality to increase the possibilities for longevity in this industry.

If you are a business blogger you are welcome with your insight here in the comment section and we could participate together for a brainstorming.Business forums shouldn´t only include facts on which program is paying or not, even if that is necessarily, of course.It should also include constructive discussions on how to evolve different models of programs, how to evolve the communication skills.

You are welcome to participate here so we can bring the business to the next level.That will make it more profitable for many of us!

I would call it, the profitable advises....


When you want to upgrade in ProfitClicking you have to ask a friend in this program to send a Gift Card to you.Though, be aware to check your box when you are purchasing new ad packages that you don´t are purchasing new ad packages from your basic balance and not from your Gift Card balance cause you need your cash from your Gift Card for future upgrades.

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