Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Feed The Birds

When you have been working with online business for several years whether it´s full time or parttime you have a package of experience.

You know what works and not.You know how to find the opportunities that most truly should be more long term than others.You are aware of signals that could be red or green and you know that you have to listen to them not to lose money.

No guarantees but with the experience comes action out from it and it should of course be in the right direction.

You have to act out from experience to find the programs where you can make a profit and not only break even, as we call it.That´s definitely the goal.And here again, what does your experience tell you about this? Do you listen to the signals? It´s like the forex market where you have to listen to the signals to decide if you should buy or sell.

Should you add another program in your portfolio to market or should you stick to say, 2-3 instead of 10?
Here comes the time-factor in.How much time and efforts are you prepared to set aside? My most common advice would be to market 2,3-6 programs and focus on them.Have some variety of programs, some advertising programs, some hybrids and a couple of legal investments.That makes it more fun.

Cause if you don´t have fun in what you do, it is simply impossible to reach the passion you want to make your marketing successful!

What have you achieved during your years of internet marketing?

I am sure you have learnt many interesting things to share with others, I am sure you understand the tools better now than before.Along the way in contact with training programs you should understand the foundation for the services you are offering as a marketer.Don´t be too shy! You know what the benefits are and you know what a waste of time other activities have been on empty void.

It is tough to climb up the mountain but sooner or later when the hard work is done there will come the time when you can go down again and that was a relief.

Business is never too easy.However, when you have a system ready to duplicate you will find meaning in the foundation you have laid.

The early bird gets the worm!

Yes, but study the mother bird feeding her children with not only worm, she also feed them with.....


Jaime said...

This could quite possibly be the $100,000 post... I totally agree with you... You definitely have to be able to work each business fully and if you don't have the time, then you shouldn't latch onto another business... thanks!

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Jaime!

I am honored by your overwhelming words there.Yeah, as you know, quality work and passion lies behind increased earnings.Hand in hand, first good work then better profit:)

Anonymous said...

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