Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hybrids Part 3

Don´t get the wrong idea when someone is blogging about the need of evolvement in the internet industry.

What do I mean with this?

Every internet marketer who has seen these short term programs which crashed after only a few months or half a year knows what I am talking about.They are getting suspicous and are more careful in the future on what kind of site to register on and not.

What we need is a statement which clearly shows, that kind of opportunity with that kind of model is ok.It is a legal opportunity but that other kind of dubious opportunity is on the other side a ponzi-scheme.Then facts will show.If an opportunity would build solely on incoming members purchasings or investments, don´t get the wrong idea now, the purchasings and investments are, of course needed, the outcome would be more a money game and nothing else.A clear product or service is absolutely needed, that´s like a fundament of every business opportunity.

If you read my former blogpost you could understand the need of an outside investment too.Where they are really investing in it and not only are claiming it.

You can´t get around this.The internet business in these niches just has to evolve in this direction to take the needed responsibility towards members who don´t know that much as the more experienced trainer online.My blogposts are aimed at training you to find the best opportunities so you won´t waste any time on useless scams where too many internet marketers have lost too much of money.

Did you feel like a prisoner in school? Take a look at this video! Education should be fun!

Hybrids Part 3

As I have mentioned, a hybrid is a kind of opportunity which is needed in this time.It could be an advertising company combined with selling apps, it could be a course combined with an outside investment in silver, for example.Preferably in something stable even if every investment has a level of risk.There is no risk free business whether it´s on or offline.

Why am I investing in fundshares then?

With the right choice, they are stable, the companies have many, many years of experience.You will need an education to understand to chose the right and proper funds.I have recommended Morningstar to chose the best funds.The difference between the fund market and the internet business and especially then affiliate marketing is the gained experience.The evolvement has to go on further to reach the level of enough quality of business opportunities combined with the gained experience of founders and admins to reach the long term opportunities that you and I want to discover.As for today I market the opportunities on the right side with a good conscience, otherwise I wouldn´t market any of them.

Why do we need more education?

The internet market has had too many expressions like, "anyone can do this", you practically don´t need to do anything to make it work.Even a baby knows that this isn´t true.We need to learn.We need our leaders who take responsibility and we need to strive forward.As a comparison I could mention, when I read an update of a professional economist compared to some hype that a so called "guru" comes up with the difference is very significant.The economist built his articles on true facts and talented conclusions where the guru throw out his empty hype knowing that he will be able to mislead many more as  long as he is permitted to do that.

I admit, this is sharp.Again, don´t get the wrong idea.There are good examples of leaders also in these niches where I am in, otherwise I had quit a long time ago.

Get The Right Idea!

Finally, when I checked my fundshares today, they were up 919 dollars, so I brought in some of the profit.

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