Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hybrids Part 2

If you are scrolling down amongst my posts you can read about Hybrids.

Now, what do I mean by this?

We know that we as internet marketers need to be niched in what we are doing and also in the affiliate sector.

What is the strength of a program? The admin? The outer design? The payplan?

Of course, in the evaluation of a program we have to consider different aspects and draw the bigger picture of it.We have to consider the potential in it as well as other features.Here comes the conclusion of the evaluation in.

In a hybrid you have a combination of say, an advertising service in it and an outside investment as in the forex market or similar.I surely believe in true investments whete they really are investing in what they claim and the forex market is a market where billions are made today so why not get the knowledge about that market and the principals behind the crucial trades?

This program has 3961 members so far and growing.Even if this program isn´t  a hybrid, it is an investment where the admin is investing in the forex market.Metals like gold, silver are very preferable to invest in for a program which have an advertising service to make it more sustainable.I am mentioning this as the admin of this investment is the admin of a hybrid as well.

Why would outside investments be the solution?

Let me explain.We all understand that incoming members purchasings or investments are needed.The strength of a Hybrid is to collect the invested money and place them in different investments, let´s say, in the mentioned forex market.Then the program will be more market related at the same time as it will be able to return the profit to the members when there is a profit in the forex trade.Upon that they have the possibility for decent affiliate commissions.When a specific currency will be bought on a low level and then increases in value in comparison to the other currency, you have the profit in forex trading.The marigin between the time where it was bought at a low level in comparison to the stronger currency but where it increased during a day or possibly more days in comparison to the other currency.

USD/EUR is often a currency pair.The trader has also the option to buy gold, silver or even oil in this market.All depends if the value of the investments increases or not.Of course, you always have factor of risks and volatility to count with in this market.There is always a risk diclaimer:

A hybrid could also be a course combined with an investment.The outcome will of course, depend on the experience of the admin who runs the program.Show your constructive attitude to the program/company and participate with the energy you got.As he is mentioning in the video, when you are learning something new you tend to make it more complex than it has to be.

Well, you started out as an affiliate but along the way there should arise the questions of more need of education and here you are.

You have learnt a lot as the marketer you are.You may be stuck with the curiosity to move on forward and learn new things along the exciting path you are walking.We as online marketers are like on an exciting journey where we want to evolve.To complete the metaphor, we want to exploit new cities around the globe.

Most important of all, your business journey includes knowing new friends, respect the integrity they have.


My fundshares are doing really good now and up 641 dollars right now.

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