Saturday, May 18, 2013

Where will the wind blow?

Blogging to the public or blogging for your own?

We have to face it.When we are blogging we have to honestly ask ourselves, are we meeting others needs when we are writing? Do we blog for the public or do we live in our own world?

Evolve your blogging to reach into the world of your readers minds.

You have to consider the communicate-factor to reach your readers.Even if you don´t recieve comments on every blog post you have your readers if you are an experienced blogger.With all of the respect here, even experienced bloggers have to reach the next level and that is only achieved with even more education.Be aware of the flow of new readers on your blog.Sometimes unique visitors, other times the same visitors.

When you are blogging for the public you have to be aware of the trends in time and space to keep your readers updated on what´s going on in the blogosphere.

I have heard reasonings that blogging is on its way out when it comes to trends and I don´t believe that.Should we stop to call the physical wind for what it is? It blows in different directions but it´s still the wind as we know it.It makes the sea to dance, it makes the trees singing and it´s still the same created wind as we have learnt.

When you are smart enough to listen to the Bureau of Meterology you could even predict what weather there will be.

To fulfill the metaphor here, you should read articles both on online marketing and blogging, watch a video or two to stay tuned on the latest trends.However, don´t swallow every apple of trends coming but draw your own conclusions of it.

Blog for the public and don´t be the prisoner of only your own perspective of everything!

Oooohhh, did I mention Bette Midler?

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