Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Long Term Satisfaction

Why is it so hard with the long term thinking?

Because we are living in a society where everything has to happen directly, without patience.Your real good results in the internet business happens over time.When you are able to build up in a long term program where other programs failed after a short while.That is the kind of quality that differs the best programs from the more "cheap" copycats and similar.

An experienced admin always thinks more long term even if he prepairs the exciting short term boosts in form of contests and similar "carrotts".

How can you develop such a patience when the curves may point downwards for the moment concerning your fundshares?

You have to have the coolness to wait them in again! The best funds will rise again after a significant turbulence on the stock market.

Stay tuned on the market analyzis, learn from the Forex traders.There are principals you can convey from time to time to other markets, such as from the stock market to the IT-sector and understand why understanding different curves is so important.Don´t ever make your decisions in any panic but work with the "long term eye" to make your goals come alive!

You may be amazed as time is passing by how your funds is growing without the greed, without the frustration but with the satisfaction in your heart instead.

Are you satisfied with your current business? What are you missing? What do you need to evolve?  You have to define the actions required, you have to be concrete!

The more concrete you are in your thinking towards your goal the more real business you will have!

I have recently returned from a short vacation in Poland, a nation with much of pain and suffering in its history.It is also a nation today with an exciting economical growth you could easily see in both statitistics but also in its landscape where old buildings are replaced with more modern buildings.If your business thinking is limited to the former, older industry society you will find it hard to hang on the evolvement today where the new IT innovations are many and where "integration" between the old industries to the newer information society is very much needed.

Plant the seed of inner satisfaction in your soul today and reap the harmony harvest  tomorrow!


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