Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Non-Spamming Generation

How do you define growth online?

Let´s analyze this kind of situation.You are the founder and admin of a successful site which has had its growth for a reasonable time.You get your sales from upgrades, the members are coming in.

Do you have a plan for the growth of quality from the beginning? Do you rely on the model for long term success?

A program just has to have enough of sustainability in its business plan or it won´t last for long.The main point here in my article is not to panic.If a site, network or even group would lose members.The first conclusion from the most is that this is starting a negativity which noone can stop.

I agree to a degree, then there is a borderline to be drawn.

Never give up on a program because of this cause if you as an admin has got the quality you can survive what destructive networkers are trying with or even hackers.They always want to draw a negative picture of what you are doing and they want to destroy your business.Define who they are and put their names up on the forums.There are negative people who put their negative efforts in this kind of destructive manner all the time.Make their life hard.

If it´s someone who should be chased it is the hacker, the mean "marketer", who only want to stop all the successful programs.

They are not only hackers but also ad-spammers who only talk about their business all the time.Of course, we as internet marketers are here to advertise but don´t forget to do it properly with style.Be a part of The Non-Spamming Generation!

Spamming is not only to send out unallowed emails, it is also to post one and the same ad on 25 groups on
Facebook.Your common sense should say stop there and only post in the right manner.The link there goes to my blogger group and you are mainly welcome there to post your bloglink.I allow some, appropriate ads there too.It is also designed for sharing articles and educational material as well.

no spam photo: spam spam.jpg So, if you as an admin get rid of spammers and networkers unwilling to learn what they need to learn, you shouldn´t feel sorry.That could mean a quality growth in the end.As a conclusion, we need both quality and quantity.If you would "recruit" 100 customers to buy your products in your store and they don´t have sufficient money to buy them with, what have you then achieved?

It´s not only about numbers and lists, it´s about quality and content all the way as well.

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