Thursday, June 27, 2013

The True Pay-It Forward

The True Pay-It Forward System, what is that!

I suppose you all have seen the Movie, Pay It Forward.Why is that Movie so important?

It is the opposite of an illegal pyramid-scheme.

It starts with one internet marketer who pays in two others into a business.Say, you are already earning a significant income in an advertising company online.You want to bring in other internet marketers in the program you are promoting.

How to make this more attractive? How to make the flow better in this other than to only persuade someone?

You want to pay in networkers in the best programs.A clip from the movie here, even if I have showed other clips before from this movie.It is like a foundation for any business online,

Anyone can see how this can become big in the long term perspective.Pure math, if you pay it forward to two others and they pay it forward to two others on their behalf we have already, if YOU are the founder, 15 persons when the four have paid other 8 networkers summarized.And then?

The 8 will pay in 16 others...... and you soon got 63 persons in the next measure of people, summarized with all the others involved earlier.

Here comes one other question in.How to maintain the payment service in a given program when it gets bigger?

How about forwarding a whole program by starting a new one? You got a sister site, Another branch on the same tree and you could express it, one already big program paid it forward and one new was started.

Smart? I would express it, both the ethical factor, imagination and smartness in the same package.

The requirement?

Enough of experience and imagination and the need of a team of experienced good examples of leaders in the industry who are destined to create the millionaires in the end.

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