Friday, July 19, 2013

The Surprise Factor

You never know when that next BIG opportunity arises!

However, when you register for it you most truly should have the gut feeling for it.

With this said, it could evolve a real long term opportunity out of an existing, well runned investment or other advertising program that there is!

I won´t blog about hybrids this time even if I believe in that kind of design.What I want to blog about this time is the surprise factor in this industry.

Of course, it isn´t a lottery to run a business but yet there is some kind of surprise factor....

A fair comparison would be to walk through a couple of well known blocks and then you know there will come more unknown blocks if you should chose another way to walk.Next time you are going the same way you have get to know the new places you discovered the latest walk but this time you are facing another new place after the last corner and now you know some features and patterns in this part of town but there were also many surprisings in this part of town you hadn´t even count with.

I would call it the surprise factor in this business.You can work towards it, you can work hard and maybe you expected more than you achieved.Never give up! Count with the Surprise Factor.It will show sooner or later.

Never let your eyes and senses go dim, read through the important articles carefully.I know how it is.You read many articles and expect more to happen.The knowledge will come, just let it grow.
Suddenly the results are there, suddenly you are in the midst of that next, successful opportunity you have searched after a long time.

Work towards the surprises!

It may sounds unknown but if you think a while you can recoqnize what I am talking about.

Here is a funny twist of what I mean, take it for what it is! Though you have to take it to the positive side of these scenes lol!


Got my first payment from AdClickXpress today!

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