Sunday, August 11, 2013

It All Starts With A Dream

It All Starts With A Dream!!

Are you dreaming of getting your art out on the market? Do you have a vision for your next e-book?

It´s always our dreams that take us to action, that makes us wonder if we can realize them.The advises concerning art are often like, make something different, not too usual.In other words, create something that stands out.

It just has to be something that stands out from the rest, the blogosphere isn´t anything else but just like that.

It is also much of marketing technique, of course, otherwise your blog would drown in the sea of sharpened and broader competition that is a reality in the internet business of today.There are no shortcuts, you have to work on and sharpen your "weapons".

The art world isn´t always simple to understand.

What makes the portrait interesting?

Several features like the shape of it, the feeling, the idea and message behind it.In yesterday´s world the judgement of a painting was more simple than today, it´s more complex in the world today.It includes more.In comparison we have to say that the IT-technology has given us more possibilities to share who we are, our interests and much more.We want to express our views and if love is there others are truly listening.Who could avoid a painting that stands out? Who could avoid a business idea in this business idea that simply draws a lot of attention?

Standing out in a complex world isn´t always so simple but it´s the reality.The world is more complicate today, art is judged out from how complex it is.

In fact, even if I wish it should be more logical in the internet business it isn´t.We always wish that the more talented authors should get the most attention and smartness should always pay off.

In one way, you need to be logical, in another way you always have to count on this "standing out-factor" to obviously mark out who you are, what you are doing, why you should be considered as unique.

Closing for today, don´t get the wrong idea, your long term ambitions are right, your honest attitude is right, don´t lay your vision and strategy down but keep in mind....

Stand Out All The Time!!

Different views on standing out.Don´t take them for granted but recieve advice from them.


How many cheaters are there in the internet business? We don´t know the exact answer but one thing is for sure, it affects the industry.We have seen the big disclosure of the Liberty Reserve fraud and many more scams amongst internet programs.Question is, how are your reaction towards this? We don´t want cheaters to get "freedom" for their dirty activities? Regulations overall have a certain point.Of course, to make it hard for scamartists to go on and feed themselves with cheating upon others.Well, is it possible to change this? I want to think it is like it is necessary offline, to make changes to make it hard for the cheaters.Why would we let them go all the time when they constantly try to decieve others with their "Get Rich Quick-schemes"? Very few efforts have been made to change the thinking online towards more sustainable, long term-schemes instead but it´s more necessary than ever to strive for this.Be a part of ethical business instead!

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