Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Factor

When we see a lot of opportunties come and go we always wonder how to find the more long lasting ones.

Believe me, I have seen this pattern in the past and can draw certain conclusions out of this.There goes a time with a lot of short term opportunities between the more long term and promising ones and this time is such a time.Right before the next real long term and promising opportunity.It may be one of the more current, more promising like:

As always, there is a resistance before that next success.However, to create the next success we have to study former successes to paint a picture why it was such a success as it was.We aren´t dealing with lottery here.

The former BIG success Just Been Paid was a huge success out of the following criteria:

1.The Experienced Founder Frederick Mann listened to the members all the time and made changes only when it was needed.
2.He wasn´t greedy, he was generous.
3.He had very good co-workers.
4.The program had a phenomenal formula
5.Multiple income streams in one and the same program.
6.He had a strategy from the beginning to make the program as sustainable as possible with actions like restarts and similar.
7.A valuable course, Upgrade Your Brain, to learn necessary skills from all the time.

Mr. and Mrs. Kiyosaki here on "The Psychology of Winning!":

It is easy to see that experience and other important components is making a real difference in this world of internet opportunities as in the valuation of , for example, funds and stocks.

After that there were many copy cats of Just Been Paid which didn´t succeed as well as JBP and why that?

There were too many or they simply hadn´t as many components in the right place as JBP had.

Frederick Mann could also proove an impressive record from Adventures4U where he had earned better and better for every month.

To build foundation for the next success, experience is THE Factor, The Main Factor to count with.

Conclusion Clock

As in all businsses overall we can learn WHY a certain opportunity did become such a success as it became, it is possible to analyze the facts!

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