Friday, August 16, 2013

The good guy vs. The bad guy

Have you ever seen a movie without the good guy and the bad guy?

Seems hard to find, isn´t it? Seems like an easy-to-understand story where you easily can draw your given conclusions?

Not so easily in reality.

Scamartists aren´t exactly blowing in their trumpets, here I am, I am going to blow you off!!
They are decieving and next time they want to found another program they are running it under a new alias.There are too many of them.Of course, I want to blog about your options and possibilities to find the most lucrative programs.However, we can´t get around this.If you want to find the best programs you have to check the reputation of different founders and admins.Don´t make the mistake to yet fall for their decieving agenda.

Good and experienced founders and admins are confident with their products and services, they know they have something for the future, for a longer time.

The best we as internet marketers can do is to prior the best programs to put the bad guys in the shadows of shame.

The best we can do is to educate ourselves and ignore the cheap hype that only builds castles in the sky.The best we can do is to learn of our mistakes not to repeat them but strive forward eager to know more.

The good guy vs. the bad guy

The good guy strive for transparency-the bad guy is hiding
The good guy share his knowledge in generosity-the bad guy has to ask the greedy vain
The good guy handles with money in a sound way-the bad admin runs away with your money
The good founder is here for a long time-the bad one will be here today but gone tomorrow

We could prolong this list, I included the main points.Confidence in a good product or service is the main sign for a promising program where the founder and staff know how to market their professional product and/or services in a professional manner where they don´t need to pressure it upon you all the time.

Hopefully they have enough experience to convey their confidence upon you so you can market the program with a promising vision.

That´s what it´s all about and they will respect you if you show your interest to market it.

There are a lot of marketing techniques today and if you scroll down amongst my blogposts you could find the strategy and technique which suits you best.

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