Saturday, September 7, 2013

A New Trend-More Knowledge

A new trend requires a little more knowledge.

I noticed when such marketers as Kiyosaki and Dillard continued more into investments of different kind, they tried to combine the knowledge they had in affiliate marketing
with the knowledge they gained in the investment area.
They designed them to opportunities with an option to market them.As you have seen, traditional funds don´t have the affiliate marketing-option.
More education and knowledge=More Money.
Of course, this statement isn´t always guaranteed but there are simply more possibilities with more knowledge.I would suggest that you will try to read articles on investments of different kind and combine your affiliate marketing efforts with different investments.
A new trend of hybrids simply requires a little more knowledge and understanding of the Forex market, if that should be the source of an outside investment.
If you have followed my blogposts concerning this you have noticed that I want to learn a little bit more to you every time.
Understanding The Forex Market
As I have mentioned in previous blogposts an outside investment could be in gold, silver or real estate too.Here I want to focus on the Forex market.If you should add an outside investment to a say, advertising program, you have to have an understanding of the actual market.Which principals are important in the Forex market then? Basically, buy low and sell high as in the stock market but often it must be handled more often with quicker decisions than in the fund market, for example.Yet the basic principals are the same.There are reversed traders which like down-trends as well, so they are looking for making profits when the value of a given currency goes down in comparison to another currency in the pair.
Yet, the investment in silver, for example is a long term investment whether it is runned out from a Forex program or in the traditional stock market.It goes up and down and you have to have the timing to sell it in the right time to bring in the profit both for your efforts and also to the members investing in your investment opportunity.
What is the difference between the professional trader and the amateur?
The experience.That and several other components.
The Pro Trader                                 vs.                           The Amateur
Patience                                                                            Panic
Understanding of principals                                             The trading is
on the market                                                                    like a lottery
They can read the curves                                                 The Graphics
                                                                                          don´t make sense
The timing to sell in the right time                                     They miss to bring in
                                                                                          the profits, the value
                                                                                          in a given currency
                                                                                          goes down again.
The Long Term Perspective                                             The Big profits are
                                                                                          achieved at once
At a degree, you could apply this scheme on other investment areas too although with some differences, of course.
Here, more education on the principals in the Forex market:


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