Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Index Funds

Here goes the challenge!

How to attract as many as possible when you are blogging?

We all are in some kind of niche but how to do to reach out to more readers and broaden your writings?
You need to have the imagination to evolve your writings.If you are an affiliate marketer and an investor at the same time like I am you know that it lies in your interest trying to define new trends to come.I have written about different hybrids I believe in.Of course, I can´t predict everything but as far as I can see I have based that judgement out from what have become the most long term program.

I never became an affiliate in this silver coin-investment as I always have had other programs to market.However, that investment has existed several years.

Well, an expert on funds or stocks, does he always succeed in what he is investing in.It isn´t that simple all the time.It wouldn´t be realistic to paint it like that but my funds are up 514 dollar after a few weeks.
Wouldn´t it be nice to add fundshares to an existing opportunity as an outside income source to a hybrid or an investment? Isn´t it easy?

It may not be as easy as it sounds at the first glance but with more experience it´s absolutely possible.

If the hybrid would be an advertising company with an outside investment in fundshares, for example, 50% of incoming members investments could go to the investment and 50% for buying more ad packages.This would likely be the way to go.By that the opportunity in one way is connected to another market, making it stronger and potentially lasting longer.

What kind of funds are then often working more stable? For the most, index funds of different kind with a high Morningstar ranking.This doesn´t mean that the specific fund goes up every day, on the long term you will bring in the profit.The only obstacle now to hang on a trend like this is that founders and admins who get interested in this opportunity of a lifetime, wouldn´t educate enough in this area, wouldn´t read articles and get the sufficient knowledge of the principals behind this treasure.

Well, how about a shorty on Index Funds?


My fundshares are up 718 dollars now and growing.


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