Friday, September 27, 2013

Proven Real Investments

How easy is it to find a real investment online where they really are investing in what they claim?

This brings us to the ridicolous fact that the most HYIP:s are scams where they never invest in what they claim but only lies about investments here and so called investments there.However, I have invested in real investments too which truly worked, even on the long term.From time to time I want to add an investment but on recommendation then from Gord.

Never be too categorical, some percent of the HYIP:s are real investments worth a try.

What to do about this then?

Not so easy to turn the tables concerning this but one thing you must have in mind is that a few percent of the investments are, on the other side, real investments.It comes down to the fact that these scamartists never got the sufficient knowledge about these markets with certain principals.You can only acieve these principals by starting to invest yourself to get the grip of the principals and curves behind forex trading or silver, for example.

Of course, everything comes down to the fact if the admin is honest or not.

Therefore I am sharing a video from time to time about learning these principals behind successful trading in the forex market.That can, of course be an outside investment for an advertising program as well, where they then are considering themselves as a hybrid.Sure, you can´t market everything on earth, not every product or service but what you can do, is to have sufficient in your portfolio, a natural combination for you.

It is very easy to describe the problem.

As the most HYIP:s tend to be very short term and I don´t believe that it couldn´t change to more real investments by really investing in what they claim, this change has to be done.

What should we call it?

Maybe PRI, Proven Real Investments or something.The crucial point is that we just have to know if a launch includes a legal opportunity or not.An advertising program has its service, no doubt about that or a real MLM offering some kind of product.Let us find the experienced investors to cooperate with.How can we know that? Build up your network and get to know good admins!

Here, a video, an educational video about the principals behind forex trading, a market where the BIG Bucks exists:

Kiyosaki here again recommending people to invest in silver:

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