Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Learning Challenge

We always need to learn more in this internet marketing industry.

It is so easily happened that we starts to look for shortcuts, that we read about those who earn "the big money" all the time.It is so easily done that we look for shortcuts and you know there are those temptations to look for the fast cash all the time.We know everything takes time and it takes years to become a real strong internet marketer.

I consider my whole business being the marketing part and my investment portfolio even if that part could be on the private side.It´s still a question of business in that part as well.

I have a friend who recently expressed that he is tired of losing money all the time and let me tell you, everyone has lost money on their way of learning more.There is constantly a challenge to find these long term programs which truly delivers what you would want many more to deliver, namely real results and real profit and not more of lost money out of your pocket.

It wasn´t easier for me several years ago and it is still a challenge to find the long time runners even if they exist.

There goes the challenge, to find the long term programs with admins who really cares about their valued members.It´s about the design of the program overall, of course, but more crucial the trust issue to be able to work for a founder and admins in a long term, trusted company.It is hard to find these days but absolutely possible.What is becoming harder and harder, and that is a good thing in this case, is to found almost any model of program, short term programs which just look too ridicolous in its design.

Enough planning of every opportunity is becoming more and more clear as time goes by.Otherwise they won´t survive more than a few months.

You could imagine if they would be simple to find all the time, then almost anyone could add a home based business of this kind.However, to operate and run a home based business requires real business skills and some technical skills.Some language skills or a translation tool is also needed, of course.

I am in contact with many internet marketers and other internet users every week of different kind.They have all sorts of interests, it isn´t only a few marketers, owners of programs and other users but many others who also give responses on what I am doing in my efforts.Mostly good responses, some constructive criticism but also a few negative peoples reactions towards this internet marketing industry telling us marketers that we are doing it the wrong way.

When one knows one is marketing the right way, our conscience can stay good.

Don´t listen to them, they are only jealous on you because you are truly a winner if you have the right strategy.

On the other side we need to help and guide others on the learning way, we want to create an atmosphere of learning which will create self esteem in others lives which can take the poisoned negatitivty away!
Here goes another challenge! In harder time you just have to have that backbone of courage to keep up your work not to ever give up! Go back and study your marketing efforts that produced the best result in the past.

What made you succeed in that specific program? What kind of program was it? How could you improve your efforts in the next promising program?

Write down a list of tasks to fulfill, making way for your next improvement on your marketing.

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