Friday, September 6, 2013

The Market Research

With all the short term profit shares we have seen the latest time I wouldn´t be surprised if more internet marketers will start to look on other niches of affiliate marketing.

I have heard many signals of internet marketers getting tired of all those short term "projects" which only lasts a couple of months and it is the same story over and over again.


The main problem is in the design of the programs which look very similar all the time.It is like some founders are too blind to get further education and seriously ask themselves, Why aren´t the programs working on longer tha they do?

Again, it is in the design of the programs.If the affiliate market is going to learn anything from the best performances and I mean the best, then we have to study the real best.

Why did they succeed?

They came up with a solution when it was needed.They had the right plan from the beginning.A real investment where they truly invested what they claimed could work several years as GNI (Golden Nugget Invest) and Genius Funds at their time of  top performances.They had a long term plan from the beginning, it wasn´t a guesswork from their side, not any lottery like you would pick a lotto somewhere hoping that it would be the winning ticket travelling south.

A winner amongst opportunities are born out from a real business plan where they are planning what to do to get the long term design for the program, not any kind of guesswork.This is crucial for any business, period.

This is as crucial for you as the individual marketer cooperating with others.Don´t forget to set up your own business plan.In times like this where many affiliates are looking for the next long term success, they have to use the time marketing their current main opportunity, even if they can be stuck in some troubles in need for evolvement of the program.That isn´t an impossible scenario.We saw the right solution in the former Just Been Paid where Frederick Mann came up with a brilliant solution, The Tripler exactly in the right time to get the snowball running again.Though I don´t think this will work twice, to copy this program straight on.I believe the time has come to add something else to wind up the clock again....

I believe that the coming trend will be focused around outside investments like silver, gold or real estate where you can draw the profits from them back to the members in a pure investment opportunity, real ones, or in hybrids.

Note: Of course I know the importance of incoming investments and purchases of the members in a given program or investment.However, with an outside investment you have an additional profitstream from an investment in say, forex trading.

I have written about it before and I do it out from an experience in the stock market where I know that stable funds, stocks, silver, gold or forex trading work like that crucial outside investments to make the opportunity sustainable.Then it is a question of the club acting together, share the experience and split the profit when the profits are brought in.

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