Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Back to the Roots

Is this the time for Business Doomsday Prophets?

They want the worst scenario all the time.Spiritually, I believe in true prophets but that´s another area.

Great Men want to tell the truth, at the same time seek the world of negotiation.

I heard Kiyosaki in a video telling us that printing out more paper money isn´t any solution.It´s better to invest in silver or gold.Many are comparing the current stuck position between the democrats and the republicans with what has happened in the past.

We could back and compare with what happened in the time of WW2.

Yet I believe that we have to go back even more backwards to the 1800:th century where they discovered the value in especially gold.Seekers of Gold and investors were mad about gold.It´s like a paradox in time and space.

When we think that we are moving forward more than ever in developing history and inventions we have got a time more similar to this time in the past with needs of investments in physical metals or related investments to that.

Well, of course it´s a time for investors but it´s also a time for rediscovering savings and beneficial purchasings where you get the most of your money.Don´t spend more than you can afford to lose when you go shopping.
Set up your own budget! Don´t waste your money!

Be the wise consumer but don´t stop consuming.

I really hope for the compromise in this stuck situation between the republicans and democrats so the world economy can proceed.To quote Einstein, "In the midst of difficulties lies the opportunity".Do you believe in creative solutions? We have to......this is about to believe in humanity itself to find the solutions of common sense.

Back to the roots.Why do we invest? We surely believe in the market and we believe in a profit back on investments of gold, silver, forex trading or real estate, for example.This is what´s it´s about.And when you have seen that you have to agree that you have to follow the market and study different articles about preferable investments which should give you a profit back.The more you learn about certain patterns you get the key what to invest in and not.

You can combine internet marketing with investments, sure you can.

It´s about learning how the markets are reacting trying to make the right decisions on what investments you should make on the long term and some decisions here and now too, on the short term.Combine the long term perspective with common-sense-decisions here and now.

Love your blogging as with the passionate relation with your beautiful woman and love of your life...

Keep it clear, keep it sound and evolve your mind, upgrade your brain!

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