Friday, October 25, 2013

Gold and Silver, Yesterday and Today

Kiyosaki and education videos on investments in silver and gold, have you seen them?

Why am I blogging about this?

I have seen the potential to connect to these markets either through direct investments, throung forex trading or through other investments.

Why is it long term?

In times of crisis gold and silver have always proven their potential and value and you need to see this, also as an affiliate marketer.Cause when the right opportunity arises you should hang on.Under the conditions of true investments, of course and run by a founder who has experience in these fields of investments or has got the needed experience by other investments during at least, some years.The founder could hire the investor expert.

Several skillful affiliate marketers have moved on to add investments to their portfolio without giving up on their marketing online.You can combine being a marketer being an investor at the same time.

Even in the bible gold and silver were attractive metals to own.At that times it was a direct trade system, they used direct physical metals to pay with and the society is obviously of another kind now.However, the value in metals are never to be underestimated, really long term investments and should along with especially stocks and forex trading be treated as attractive investments in our time.

Printing more paper money has always been a poor solution in times of crisis and this time is no exception.To invest in physical gold or silver has been practised by leading investors.It is a better solution to buy up more gold to solve the crisis along with other constructive solutions, of course.

As we have seen concerning the most HYIP:s, even not all of them, is that they never invested in what they claimed.As the most of their founders never had the necessary experience in the field of investments where they claimed to be investing, they had to lie.

What we need now then , are true investments where they have at least, the needed experience to run a real investment for their members.The difference in comparison to traditional funds here is the added affiliate program.Forget the programs talking about "virtual stocks" and so on.....
An investment opportunity must obviously be connected to real markets like forex trading, investments in metals and other attractive markets, maybe even connected to certain industries.

Much of evolvement has to be done here and it´s exciting indeed.

What about the transactions then? How are they treated here?

Should be possible, as the profits are going back to the members from the forex program or whatever it is.

Some will say, we have tested this already and it never worked!

Was it a proven forex program? Who ran it? An experienced forex trader or someone again just claiming empty promises? You can´t rely only on robots here, you have to gain or deal with really experienced traders or investors.

To evolve affiliate marketing, including different hybrids and real investments will take time.To see a new trend on this will require different components on place.However, I believe it´s possible.

Kiyosaki here on investments in silver and gold:

An additional video here on getting a long term strategy in The Forex Market, the first part in a series:

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