Saturday, October 12, 2013

Stop The Negativity!

They feast on programs crashes, they are like disappointed gangsters.

Who am I talking about? The hackers, disappointed marketers who haven´t succeeded in any program.I am talking about the "marketers" who only want every new opportunity to fail out there and that for one reason.They are jealous and they don´t want others to succeed in any program.Their attitude is one, if they haven´t succeed, they don´t want others to succeed either.

They have always been there "lurking" looking for the next "opportunity" to destroy the next launch.They are like cyber gangsters who want to stop all the affiliate marketing overall in the cyber world.

How can a promising new opportunity have the abilitity to stay for the long term in these cicrumstances?

Tell them the truth!

If you have succeed with your affiliate marketing in the past, tell them that.As the most have failed, they need the sufficient knowledge to learn more about the market.And these days, at least in my opinion a new trend is also needed for the market.To connect to the forex market, for example with enough knowledge and experience in that field will absolutely open new possibilities.

However, stay away from these "gangsters" who only want to destroy for other affiliate marketers all the time.They play on the false rumours all the time and want to play the role of a victim.

If you haven´t succeed yet there are no excuses, no shortcuts, you need to learn more.Of course, you have to avoid the scams but don´t force false rumours out.I recently signed up for:

This advertising program has the same script as the old 10DollarsWonder and Ad2Million had when they were active.It´s very unfair towards a good admin as Chung is to try to spread out false rumours about his new launch now.In fact many have made very good money in these programs in the past.My first real success came with my marketing efforts for Just Been Paid then.But in fact, 10DollarsWonder was one of the first programs where I made money at all.

Who are these people who only want to destroy for others this way, have they no moral at all?

If they have been fooled of a scamartist I had understand it but they are trying to destroy the whole affiliate marketing sector in this time.If YOU are an ambitious marketer I would suggest you to start to post the opposite to what these "gangsters" are posting, namely the positive talk about every quality program, post when you have get paid, either on your blog or forum, there are lots of constructive forums out there.

Though, be aware of these gangsters "lurking" on these forums.Stick with the good marketers instead.In fact, the criminals and gangsters are playing a dangerous game.They can appear even as "forum owners" sometimes too.....

Now, do your part to push the new trend forth of new, fresh advertising programs, hybrids, real investments and other promising opportunities and STOP THE NEGATIVITY!!


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Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks for the comment.I am grateful for the sharing, you are welcome again!