Friday, November 29, 2013

An old car, or new?


In a word, in a nutshell, how much it includes.

The main factor behind a success is summarized in a lot of components like, the right time for an opportunity, the experience the admin has and much more.

The patience and engagement that members have.

The quality in the product or service.It could be a pretty simple program from the beginning even if it could turn to a success with evolvement along the road.It´s very hard to predict a success even if you many times can see the potential in it.

Not to mention the long term vision behind it.

The honesty of the founder and admin, how do they communicate with their members? Are their newsletters relevant, do they deliver what they say? How are their payouts? Of course, a serious beginning of a program can turn to a scamsite if the admin falls for the dangerous temptaions along the way.However, with enough character, a real quality opportunity can be run on the long term if the components are there.

My experience is that when you want to make it better than your latest real marketing success with an advertising program or profit share, for example or even an investment, you will want to improve that result without turning into a selfish, greedy fellow who haven´t anything else than  money in the head.

Your positive ego wants to meet your own needs, yes, but also others needs, of course.Love your neighboor as yourself.

Don´t react in panic when you are trying to improve your results, react with coolness and patience.Learn the lesson about handle with money as the wise man.Money isn´t dangerous in itself, it´s how you treat them.Business is fun with the benefit to learn other friends along your business path.

One common mistake in times of evolvement isn´t the evolvement in itself but the forgotten principals you never should forget.

Take what you have learnt with you and add the new knowledge also beyond your current status of marketing knowledge.

With this said,

Happy Weekend!


About tips, they aren´t any 100% guarantees.Too many both marketers and investors start to panic too easily:

The reason of that could be that the investor hasn´t learned the principals enough behind it, 
we don´t know.When I started out to learn about funds and stocks I didn´t made it
at first but eventually I learned my lesson.

I am sure this investor will put the blame also on tips he has recieved by others, it all comes down
to the experience they have in the area.I have even heard Peter Schiff sharing tips with others and then many told him, you shared some tips and the next week it went down.They never learn the real principals, one has to have the patience to wait it in from time to time, one has to think long term.Never spend more than you can afford to lose, it´s a basic rule on investments.

I am aware of the risks but these investors put the blame on others as soon as the value go down, then it is considered "too risky".It´s the same with funds too, when I read articles concerning that they all consider it too risky as soon as the market occassionally goes down and there are bad tips and predictions everywhere.Then the doomsday is here due to many predictions.

What I agree with is that some forex programs aren´t as stable as the real long runners.

What I also agree with is that investing in metals is preferable in more insecure circumstances.

However, there aren´t any guaranteed tips along the way, they are based on more and more
experience.Even experts make mistakes.He breathes too much panic, this investor and should read more articles instead.It is all a learning curve and to improve the investment opportunities as a whole requires more experience.

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