Saturday, November 23, 2013


What are your reactions and reflections on the new currency, BitCoin?

You will then not need the third party hand for transactions.We know that we need payment processors for certain payways and the alternatives are many.Don´t get any wrong idea here and now about that processors of that sort are on their way out but by adding another alternative, we simply have another solution here.

Don´t make the mistake by placing one alternative in contradiction to one other.

BitCoins make it possible to recieve payments without the need of withdrawing them to your bank account directly.Well, this is the first info you get.Then we all can realize that it yet is a third party hand which will handle the final exchange to recieve it to a bank account or similar.

Then we all can see that it isn´t any clear difference between this digital currency in comparison to the current ones.In the end it has to be converted to real money.

The main reason for using it is the low fees for using it but this depends on constant inceasing users of this new currency.All the main payment processors will be there also in the future and the absolutely most smooth solution is to build good relations between an online company and the physical bank where you can transfer your money via a bank wire and we know that it already exists.

The main reason for not using transfers via a bank wire is the pretty high fees but that differs from online company to company.

If that companies chose rather low fees for transactions via bank wire and are legal internet companies, they could make life better for their members by reasonable fees for a transfer via bank wire instead of the third party hand.When you are verified and when they know who you are, then the rest is trust, security and a userfriendly attitude.

So, am I counting out this BitCoin already?

No, no.....

Business is business and as time goes by more and more established online companies will probably accept it.We as internet marketers may see it  more and more amongst the opportunities we are marketing as well.It will be a matter to trade the currency in the "right time" with timing to get the most possible profit with the trade.Just like you are trading with gold or silver to buy low and sell high to get a profit for it in the conversion to real money.It is considered as an universal currency to make it more smooth in the world of digital currencies.


Never ever leave your long term strategy.All this short term thinking nowadays is like a disease which won´t help you to succeed.Always seek the success built on the long term.My fundshares are up again, now with 754 dollars and will let it continue to grow.

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