Monday, November 4, 2013

Surprise, but not The Hype

We all know that traffic exchanges have been a common part of internet marketing for a long time.

Here comes the crucial question in.Have they been too common and how effective are they really? I still use some of them depending on the bonus credits I recieve from them and that depending on downlines I have built up during the years? Is this unfair?

No, not at all!

It is only a result of hard work during the years.Well, if you still don´t earn the BIG bucks, what´s the meaning then, some may ask? I am in this business to make money, for sure but that isn´t the whole thing.I enjoy my marketing, both on social networks and on different advertising networks, paying advertising programs and by some efficient traffic exchanges.

I have chosen the name Creative Marketer on my company and why?

Cause I am constantly looking for new ways, creative ways to market my blog.The affiliate marketing has been in struggling times for a pretty long time now and now it´s really time for a new trend.We have seen this pattern many times, in times where more evolvement needs to show.

A new trend comes by taking the best of the knowledge we have and add a new kind of surprising idea which will cause a positive viral effect on the long term.

Most internet marketers are used with hype in the industry whether you admit or not, the hype-factor has been there.Who can predict the next trend then? It´s nearly impossible but it sure use to be a surprising enterprise showing up there.Somewhere you feel you can recoqnize certain parts of it when it appear, however it use to have a surprising effect when it comes.

Here a story why this girl has failed in her attempts with her MLM business and why the most internet marketers fail.Lack of experience and knowledge.It takes time to learn and it will goes both up and down along the way, check the video:


My fundshares are up again, this time with 640 dollars.Scroll down and read more about investments in funds and stocks amongst my other posts and check out Morningstar´s homepage.

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