Friday, November 1, 2013

The Evolvement Factor

I will continue to blog about different investments.If you are a regular reader you read about investments in gold and silver in my previous blogpost.

The Resistance Factor

Have you ever felt the resistance within you when you want to evolve something you are doing?

I have.

I started out with affiliate marketing many years ago and I knew the journey would be long.In many perspectives, it didn´t took so long until I earned my first money but to improve what one is doing as an internet marketer is another thing.

After some years ago I added my investments in funds to my business to a degree.Cause they are considered as private investments.

Well, my money are my money whether it is connected to my firm or not.Every entrepreneur knows to distinguish between the firm and the private.However the money produced whether it is in private or on the firm, you are responsible for eventual losses.You´re the one taking the risk.I don´t ever take too high risks.It is also a difference between an investment where they are adding the affiliate program in comparison to a traditional fund you aren´t marketing.

Many years ago I didn´t succeed in getting a profit from my shares but as time has went by I have managed to get in profit more and more both from fundshares and stocks.

The resistance factor is the obstacle you have to defeat if you want to add new knowledge beyond your affiliate marketing, namely to understand the principals behind different investments as gold, silver, stocks or trades in The Forex Market.If you want to know more you need to read different articles on the subject and watch videos.Buy low and sell high is only one truth behind succeeding in investing.Another truth is the "timing".Should you wait a year before drawing in the profit? You don´t need to.If, for example, the value in silver goes up drastically during a certain timeframe, you should have the timing to draw the profit in.This is as true for one investor as for several investing in a certain opportunity.

The transactions in and out between different accounts and programs is only a matter of time and secure payways.The outside investment can work that way, I have seen it work myself ran by experienced admins in the past.It can sure work also now in even more investment opportunities.

Sure, everything has a risk to a degree but I am convinced of a new trend here in this way.Not only this but for those interested it should become a BIG trend.

The Faith Factor

Keep up the good work! Don´t leave your working strategies but dare or have the guts to learn new knowledge.Evolve what you are doing! Don´t be so scared even if you want to limit the risks.Have the guts to move on if you feel like that, without leaving the affiliate marketing.You don´t have to leave old knowledge as you are learning new knowledge.Why the contradiction? You don´t have to contradict one working strategy towards some new knowledge, it´s as I mentioned, a matter of evolvement.

Finally, let us call it The Evolvement Factor! Are you hungry for learning new skills?

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