Saturday, December 21, 2013


My fundshares have been performing better than ever during 2013.I am way in profit when it comes to my stocks as well.

Affiliate marketing can be better in all areas towards 2014.We have seen turbulences with payment processors, we have seen too many short term programs.To build confidence and trust will be the main priority for all admins who want to succeed in 2014.It isn´t enough to just talk about long term goals but they also need to proove it.A founder of an investment needs to proove one way or the other that he is really investing in something real, it could be some kind of certificate or other proof.

This can vary, there are various kind of investments but if you are investing in castles in the air, you get nothing in return.If you, on the other side are investing in gold or silver, real estate or a real quality forex trading-program, you can transfer that real profit to the members in a given program.

Some admins in certain programs raise their warning flag to this kind of reasoning due to lack of experience in these sectors.However, enough experience and patience in these kind of opportunities could make it more possible for a good ROI on the long term, not on the short term.Set up a reasonable ROI for a given program or investment opportunity.

The latest opportunities I have added are recommandable where Pure Income, where they are calling it virtual stocks, which is something concrete like BitCoins, has performed very well during all of the 2013.

Many people have hard to think this way, cause they still want that physical products to feel on.The internet business is gaining ground all the time and if you want to understand it you will need to "think online".It is in a way similar to offline thinking but also clear and obvious differences which many get scared of.

The main factor remains, all is depending on who are running their programs.Are they reliable? Can you trust them? Do they deliver what they promise?

Now we believe in a better 2014 in the affiliate marketing sector.I, for myself believe more in hybrids where they combine the traditional IT-thinking with the investor´s thinking.

A constructive and for the future, fruitful way of thinking.

Predictions for 2014?

I won´t predict anything, I will continue to build on what I am doing.It goes up and down but historically I have seen the typical pattern.After an obvious downturn, it use to come a better upturn than ever, on the other side.

Although gold has had a weak performance during 2013, it can go up from a low level.This isn´t any gurantee but seen over more years, it use to go up in value, but it´s not a guarantee.The experts believe in a strong European Stock Market during 2014 instead.

Merry Christmas to You All!

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