Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Simulation-Get Real

We know that the virtual world is a reflection of what exists in the physical world.

And so is also the business idea behind the latest trading site I joined recently.Here one trades with virtual stocks and you can invest in different companies through the site as well.

It is called Pure Income:

The minimum amount you can start to trade with is 10 dollars to continue to build on and if you chose the first plan that will continue to grow for 180 days with 1.82% daily.

My initial line is very important to understand for the understanding of the whole internet business.What happens in the physical world use to become an idea in the virtual world.This time, virtual stocks.

This company started out in Januar this year so I am hanging on now, later.But if it has made it this far, it could go on longer.It is all a matter of an enough sustainable business idea.

Keep up your marketing online, don´t complicate things.You don´t need to be a rocket scientist to start out an online business, do have that in your mind.

Don´t get stuck in these short term ditches but keep up your long term thinking in your mind.

Therefore I combine my online marketing with investments in funds and stocks as well and this year the funds have performanced better than ever where I put my money in.If one income stream temporarily goes down, there are possibilities that other streams go up instead.

The benefits with multiple income streams becomes obvious as you continue to build on your business.This year affiliate marketing has been recovering and the market needs to go up.Then, as I mentioned, the strong benefit with other suceessful investments becomes obvious.

Don´t ever let anyone take you down for the visions you have.Every day there are thousands of new users and business people adding up and you can find many both potential and actual customers.You can reconnect to coming-back-customers as well.

Simulation-Get Real

I got paid for the first time in:

A small amount but as a proof that they are paying.In fact, this program has over 10 000 members now.

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