Friday, January 3, 2014

The Timeline Of Psychology

Too many online opportunities went too short term or into scams far too early during 2013.

Now to the main question, how can you and I as internet marketers contribute to make this better?

This will be a lesson in marketing psychology.

Lesson Nr.1

If you act out from fear all the time you won´t achieve anything.Anxious attitudes will spread too easily and you get suspicous towards the most admins.This can result in another crash of another program which otherwise could turn into the opportunity of a lifetime.

So, learn the psychology around this.

Lesson Nr.2

Your own attitudes will achieve what you want.Not too easily achieved but if you believe every rumour out there you will end up marketing nothing in the end.Then you get suspicous towards every opportunity.Of course, you want to check out if they are paying or not and other needed facts but still, too much of a suspicous attitude will turn into a disaster for you.

Lesson Nr.3

The solution?

Focus on what you are doing.Hold up your communication towards the other marketers you are dealing with and keep up your info to your referrals and customers as well.

Panic and constant suspicous attitudes have caused many problems in the online business overall.We all can agree that the scamartists should even more be disclosed, that is a must.But if you are marketing with so much fear all the time you will eventually lose all your faith you need to walk the path to success on the other side.

It is as always a matter of more long term opportunities and trustworthy admins you want to deal with but also a matter of more evolvement in these niches of affiliate marketing.

Let 2014 be the year where all your earlier knowledge comes into place and where you see more of the whole puzzle come into place and order.

Here, the timeline of psychology:


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