Saturday, February 22, 2014

Approaching The Life

Wordgames, do you like them?

For me it´s a part of the life and I am involved in a word game-group in Facebook.It can be tricky to find the proper words and expressions that one needs to lay the puzzle.

The puzzle, yes as my former post, the online business can be like a puzzle where you see parts of it with some of the pieces on place but where you want to place more of the pieces on the right place with increasing knowledge.

Forex Trading is the latest piece in the puzzle and I am trading with a currency pair from the big trading platform eToro.

My equity is 76.05 dollars and I made a small profit on the CHF/JPY currency pair.Of course, forex trading fluctuates but when you have a grip on the principals, (very similar to the stockmarket in one way), then you can invest with a higher amount with more trading experience.It´s always advisable to diversify the portfolio into different investments but you know by now that I have written about this in former posts.

This isn´t a lottery!

This is business and you are building any business with reading more articles, practising and more experience on your marketing and investment adventures along the path.I have never learnt anything just by skimming through articles and not paying attention to them, I have learnt what I know by now by respectfully paying the needed attention and reading the right articles learning me what I need to know to proceed to the next phase.

The next piece in the puzzle!

Again, some who would like to lay the whole puzzle "overnight" would of course,  not only be burnt out as online marketers but also fail overall with what they want to achieve in their efforts to achieve their dreams.

Making dreams into reality.Making the reality into a dream......

The reverse expression works as well as the original touch and you want to dream, won´t you? Don´t allow the naysayers taking you down not allowing you to dream BIG!

Look back in your life only when you can learn from history of one or other reason.We have the history we have, although there is a risk to be stuck in the history not to allow evolvement and dreams.Negative people also want to be honest as positive people want to be honest, the difference will always be the attitude to the possibilities and if we as humans see  them or not.

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