Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Puzzle

Life is like a puzzle, do you like it?

Every piece is important, you can´t be without a single piece cause then the puzzle wouldn´t be complete.
When you are starting out to lay it you can´t see especially much of the whole puzzle but you can without doubt see the pieces that you have to put on the right places.

It´s time to breathe.....

Breathe again.Now, when you are getting closer and closer to the solution to it you are getting glad.Your patience is paying off to speak the language of the businessman.

Chosing the picture of the puzzle is a task too, not to mention the motivation to complete it.

It takes time and energy, the bigger puzzle, the longer time to complete.

What do you expect out of life? More time to travel? More time with friends and family? To make more money?

We can´t live without money, however, we can´t live without friends either.

Set the priority for your life.What do you want to achieve? Do you have kids or haven´t you be gifted with that? Many question marks here however life is so complex and looks different from person to person, the businessmen online isn´t any exception by any means.

Next piece in the puzzle could be hard to place.

Do you have a vision which holds? Do the online activities make sense to you? Make sure your time online is quality time and not dead surfing to break you down without learning anything special.Make sure your online time is filled with joy and energy not to waste your time into the void.Convert your time online to energy and new knowledge and spell to the land of education.

Enjoy your life, learn something new and have fun!


Aemy Nadira said...

this is so inspiring!

Mattias Kroon said...

Thank you Aemy!

Thanks for stopping by.