Friday, February 28, 2014

Your Beloved Soul

Consider my blog as a course.

Of course I would appreciate any sign up on the programs I am promoting to the right there, I don´t think I need to mention that.Though, my blogging is supposed to deliver something more.You can consider each post as a part of a course.

An e-course on the blogging and what are you paying for?

It is for free but as a thank you-back you should register for a program or two that I am marketing.

Are you selling anything now?

Not necessarily direct selling but as an affiliate marketer and investor I am interested in catching peoples interest who want to learn about both marketing and investments.The selling of upgrades both concerning advertising services and investments overall happens on the sites, the programs where I actually am making money.

As we have seen more short term opportunities than ever in this industry you have to keep some things in your mind active.

1.The naysayers always want this to happen so that you won´t be able to evolve your business at all.
2.You need to sign up for opportunities where recruiting is optional but where you can be able to earn from day one due to the beneficial payplan.These kind of programs do grow, of course depending the marketers who have recruiting as a priority.
3.Never give up! Suddenly with patient work you will have a breakthrough to the next phase.
4.Stick to positive people, negative people will always try to take you down in some way.

If you have a big portfolio containing both advertising and different investments you will be able to expand sooner or later.

There are some factors that will be obstacles in your way.

1.Negativity in your own mind.
2.Bad attitudes from naysayers.
3.Others trying to paint up a picture of your vision as a small one, what´s the point of it?
4.Your own lack of selfesteem.

Seek programs with a long term vision!!

Don´t blame others, don´t seek excuses, just be stubborn enough to hold on to your real vision.Not stubborn in a negative way but in a way to proceed to the next phase.Get tips from others but do not copy and paste other marketers way of running their online business.

There are always those who want to work against you and who want to question your vision but don´t listen to them.

Yes, do listen to constructive criticism but not to destructive people who don´t feel well.People who want your best will try to show their like and love, they want your best, they care for you.Hate won´t solve a thing in this world, let the simple but so strong love flow from your inner man and from your beloved soul.

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