Friday, March 21, 2014

Content Alert

Got it?

The purpose of blogging has to be to convey a point of something, to make it clear, it could be to bring a new idea to the blogosphere.If you are an experienced blogger you want to use that experience to draw even more attention to every post.

Got it?

What´s the point? Every reader you have, regular or unique, asks themselves that question when they are reading your latest post.

Did you catch their attention?

You have to be aware of taking them from a sleepy state of mind to mind alert to keep them interested in your article.

Reading the whole article??

What´s up?

There you have your chellenge as the blogger you are.Keeping them interested in the whole article requires the whole work of it.

Research, engagement, interesting updates, funny content and more...

But that´s not all!!

No, you shouldn´t just write "another blogpost".If it feels like that people will lose interest.What you want to do is to stick to your vision and style of blogging, not to lose your unique vision.You are you and not a clone version of another blogger.Take it to the next level, dare to stand out! Be driven by faith and not fear, faith will lead you to the right path but fear will lead you astray.

interesting photo: Interesting. Interesting.png

Still Got It?

The image is there for a reason.The different color on the text is there for another reason.Namely, your attention.

Now you are on your way, not to skim through the next article before you got the point of it.You will learn more if you get more educated online from reading quality articles.You will know why your readers like your blogging and you will know why other posts never where successful on the other side.

They were too sleepy!

They have to have the alert content which will create new interest and an expectation towards your next article.


Always stay positive and avoid the negativity!

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