Thursday, March 6, 2014

The marketer could be the investor

For several leading internet marketers has affiliate marketing been the initial part of their career.

Several of them never left that part but evolved their internet marketing and added investment of different kind in stocks, gold, silver or real estate.

Why is this such a sensitive subject for some?

There is one reason for that.If there are leading internet marketers who are very dependant of huge lists and the upgrades in different programs then you can count out the rest.As an internet marketer and investor you still want to market but at the same time you know that the potential is there to make a profit in other income streams as I am doing from fundshares and stocks, for example.Take your marketing with you, though you should be more targeting in your marketing online.

investor photo: Investor Ad InvestorAd.jpg
Though it isn´t so easy to take that step to learn more to evolve what you are doing.It´s a resistance somewhere, a laziness from the old school internet marketing.

Let someone else do the necessary work for you? That attitude doesn´t work anymore.You need to educate yourself, you need to learn more about both internet marketing and investment.This may not be the situation for each and everyone but for those who want to take another step into the future of internet marketing should dare to learn more and read more articles about forex trading, stocks or funds.Every part of these income streams may not necessarily be a marketing-part of your business but as you keep your marketing you could have several income streams living besides.You want to draw attention to potential, current but to old customers as well.

Educate yourself and be a part of the future, internet marketing will never be the same again.It isn´t enough to claim, "back to the basic again!".

Yes, you have to keep your old knowledge but evolve what you are doing and as a tip, educate yourself and add the investment-part to your whole portfolio.

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