Friday, March 28, 2014

You Are Something

Who do you think you are?

A well-known phrase in Jesus Christ Superstar.We have an expression of that kind of attitude towards people and we call it Jantelagen.A kind of attitude where the jealousy is hidden and where a talented man shouldn´t believe he is something or do have some kind of gift or talent to reach out with.

Isn´t this so typical?

This is so often the situation and the whole school world in Sweden suffers from the negative heritage of this unwritten law to prevent talented students to succeed in school.This upside thinking has gone so far that it´s something wrong with being an ambitous student.It´s very ok to take care of weak students but to more or less prevent talented students to both be the example for others and to "take them down" this way isn´t productive at all.We need a new positive self-esteemed education wave including fun and creative ways of
learning online as well.

You are the internet marketer others will look up to!

You may not having this situation.However, if you starts to think in this way you could get to this situation with the right mindset.If you not see yourself as the example for others it may depend on your wrong thoughts.

You have the potential, consider yourself as the winner!

Yeah, true, many courses online already have this content of the right mindset an so on....
This depends on the importance of this content.Let your gifts be alive in your life and know that many are waiting for you to share your knowledge with them.Expect them to listen or read your articles and you will have more readers.You have to use the efficient technical tools for internet marketing to reach out as well.

The initial question, who do you think you are should be put in the right direction instead....

You are unique, you can achieve something, you are are worthful.Be the one you are.Know that we all are unique and the best example of you is yourself.Noone can be you, you are forever the only example of your given name and personality.Therefore, take benefit of the strong characters you do have in your life and share your worthful knowledge with those whose attention you have stirred up.

Whether you are a believer or not, embrace the whole and right point of this message:

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