Friday, May 9, 2014

Did you find your variation?

See it like it is, you are creating something.

Creating content of interest is a key of writing blogposts and making them to masterpieces.
Making them exciting to follow and read is something to strive for.Catching attention is the lifeblood within.
Make each blogpost with your signature and you will have your circle of readers.

At the same time you want to express the trends of your niche whatever that is, at the same time you want to connect to another potential, interested reader or referral to what you are covering with your writings and marketing.

The best blogposts come from inspiration in combination with a pattern recoqnized as your way of covering your niche and topics.You want to treat it as your responsibility to mankind to deliver what´s on your heart.

I have seen many businessblogs where they only have minimal content and where you see a long row of solely banners and nothing else.

How on earth are they thinking? Do they think that that´s all of blogging? Incredible, not to mention the lack of imagination! Even if someone is running their blog as their business they should evolve their content on their blogs enough to be treated in the way they want.They want others to recoqnize their blogs as a real business or?

Then they should evolve what they are doing to improve the content related to the long row of banners and there should be some variation amongst the programs.Not only advertising programs but other kind of models as well.

The key to evolvement in various forms is just that, the variation! To have variation and creativity in what you are doing as the marketer you are more or less secures your future.Then it is a challenge to find the next promising opportunity if you already have it in your marketing portfolio.If you are the investor at the same time as I am you have that income stream but don´t forget the patience to wait on the stocks to rise again, so they can proceed from minus to plus again, remember that they fluctuate.Right now I have my fundshares on plus while the most stocks must rise to plus again.

It is easy to think that you will lose it all if you honestly share that truth about fluctuation but you will win on it instead,You will lose nothing by being honest!

Did you find your variation?

To create the next blogpost is a matter of setting the abstract words to real expressions where you are describing the flow in your thinking set to words.You want to connect to your readers in a way where you show how it works for you.

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